Art Therapy

I recently started getting into art.  I shouldn’t really say recently though, but I do anyway.  I’ve done years of art classes.  Not always by choice, I went to school with someone who’s mom was an aspiring art teacher, so it was something that’s been tossed in a lot, and I took it as a couple electives.  Never good with it, but still enjoyed it.  I knew the techniques but could never really make it work.

It wasn’t until recently that I actually started relaxing while doing something.  I have been trying to do it for a long time, but only within the last few months it really clicked.  I really think that the confusion from my catalyst event left me introspective in a different way, almost like I was now looking at myself from the outside.  It actually made some things easier, I think because I was able to sort-of remove myself from the situation, which helped a lot.

So now I do sketching, and painting.  I can’t say what clicked, but I will say that it wasn’t something extremely sudden.  Over the past year I’ve tried to keep get my art to be true art, something natural and not forced.  But you can’t force things to be natural, so I needed to learn to relax.  Classical music is great for that, it really is.  There’s a reason it’s lasted as long as it has, the tones are actually calming (for some of it) and that’s really great when doing art, of any type.

I was getting hung up on what should be right, not what I wanted to do.  And art has no right or wrong.  I have spent time actually deciding to focus on the flaws of major art, not to see the failure of it, but to see that even famous pieces of art have just as many mistakes.  Why does mine need to be perfect if these classical pieces of art have flaws?  Seeing some of the same mistakes I’ve made in professional art helped me see that my mistakes were fine, and I could work with them.

Once I stopped trying to make it right, I was able to do what I wanted, and I’ve made art I am proud of.  It’s not beautiful, it’s still very amateur, but it shows progress to me.  I’ve finished something, and I can say I am happy with the result, flaws and all.  That feels so odd to say, but I guess that’s what pride in your work really feels like, huh?


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